The Mist

‘The Mist’

“An unexplained mist slowly envelops the town of Bridgeville, Maine, creating an almost impenetrable barrier to visibility. The residents of the town soon learn the situation is even more precarious as hidden within the mist are numerous monsters of various sizes that attack and kill anything that moves, trapping several groups of people in a shopping mall, a church, and a hospital.”

I have always been a huge Stephen King fan so I was really excited to see how this would work as a TV show. I thought it worked really well and it took me only a few days to get through all the episodes.

I could really see this show developing even further after the first season as there was so many more questions that needed to answered and all the characters were really starting to develop.

Sadly, The Mist is not to be renewed for a second season and I for one am really gutted at that! Don’t let that put you off watching as I still recommend that you do. Once it is over do what I did and watch the movie or read the book.


The first song to be played in episode one is ‘Happiness Is Not a Place‘ by The Wind and The Wave and this really sets the scene for the rest of the episodes in my opinion.

There’s a nice balance of up-tempo songs as well as some haunting ballads played during the episodes and I hope you like my other choices that I felt also fit in with the theme of the show.

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