After finding his mom killed, Satoru’s time-traveling ability takes him back 18 years for a chance to prevent her death and those of three classmates.

I watched and loved the series ‘Dark’ despite the fact I had to watch it with subtitles as it was a German production and I don’t speak German. Yes, I had to concentrate a bit more, yes I maybe missed a few words and perhaps yes I learned some German.

So, what have I been missing out on for years? Well, how many other amazing non-English shows have I missed simply because I didn’t think I’d enjoy watching something with subtitles. I decided I needed to investigate more.

After a few non-starters my latest discovery has introduced me to a whole new world!

Time travel shows are a big hit with me just now so this seemed like a good choice.

I was a bit unsure about the fact that it had been based on a Japanese Anime series. I was aware of Anime and Manga but to be honest I never understood the difference between the two and didn’t think they were ‘my thing’ to be honest.

I was STILL interested and when it was released on Netflix I watched the entire season in ONE DAY!

I REALLY enjoyed this and highly recommend it. It’s also made me dip my toe in the Manga & Anime zone. I will be watching the original Erased. I was also in Waterstones recently and almost bought a Manga book. I didn’t because I couldn’t quite get to grips with the fact I’d have to read it back to front. I’ll come to terms with that I’m sure and I will eventually buy the book version of Erased.


The theme song for ‘Erased’ is a song called ‘Akane’ by KANOJO IN THE DISPLAY.

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